This honey is from the village of Clifton Hamden, near Abingdon. This honey has a delicious flavour that takes you back to honey flavours of old. the honey will set to a creamy consistency, but not too hard.







Abingdon Honey comes from a number of hive dotted around the Abingdon area, but due to the proximity of fruit trees to the hives, this honey has a sweet taste, but due to the increased fructose levels, the honey sets to a creamy but courser grained consistency.







Pollen grains are simply a superfood,

Pollen is 30%-40% protein and contains EVERY vitamin known, as well as all 22 elements needed by our own bodies.

The dried pollen granules will ‘melt’ in your mouth and release its amazing flavour and goodness. you can actually taste the flowers! Each colour is from a different plant / flower.

Sprinkle on cereals / yoghurts / ice cream and watch the colours bleed out into your food.




Little hessian bag that can hold any three jars of your choice. makes a lovely gift.20180811_083502.jpg






A lovely smaller hessian bag with a floral desigh that holds two jars.20180811_083430.jpg














Lovely little wooden honey twizzlers that work so well with clear, runny honey.






The basic of wax products, these little blocks come in either 50g or 100g and have so many uses.






Natural Furnitue polish – it only contains Beeswax and Pure Turpentine, so enriches all wood furniture and wooden floors.






Beeswax soap – half of this pure beeswax, the rest of the ingredients are natural Palm extraxt, Faty acid remover and perfume.


It lathers really well and can be used for anyone that has sensitive skin as a shaving lather. As it has lots of Beeswax in it, it helps to heal skin if used after gardening.