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Back in March 2020, we added an online shop, with free delivery within 20 miles of Abingdon. We have taken the decision to move the online platform to BigBarn, which as well as delivering our glorious honey and hive products to you, gives you a wider range of products from a multitude of food producers, both local and further afield. To place an order, please go to https://www.bigbarn.co.uk/producer/abingdon/busbys-bees-28619/

My bees collect the glorious nectar and pollen from woodland, orchards, meadows and gardens from early Spring to Autumn in and around Abingdon.

My bee colonies live and work in a peaceful aipary locations, which are all in semi- rural settings, on working allotments, where they will help pollinate the gardens and improve the gardeners yields and I also have a new colony in a secluded woodland garden. All of the locations are surrounded by both natural wild flower meadows, fruit trees, farms and domestic gardens from which they forage nectar and pollen.


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The forage season starts when the climate starts to warm up in late March, with the main “honey flow” coming in late May and June, and can continue well into September and if its still mild, into October as well.

I have been asked by people that I know, to take a look at a swarm of bees that has taken up residency in their garden, shed, up a tree, or in some cases covering part of a car! Bees that swarm, are following a completly natural part of the reproduction process. When a colony swarms, the old queen leaves with about half of the colony, leaving the remainder with a new virgin queen, hence two colonies.

I can however only collect and remove honey Bees, see the picture below to identify what you have found, I cannot do anything for bumble bees or Wasps.

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If you find a swarm in the Abingdon area, or know where one is, and you would like it removed and rehoused, please call me on 07923 277702 or e-mail me at david@busbysbees.co.uk.